Friday, 4 May 2018

Hillary Being Too Capitalistic?

Yesterday, for some interview....Hillary came out and said that one of the reasons (one of 300, in my humble opinion)....was that she often came to be portrayed as capitalistic, and a fair number of Democrats are anti-capitalistic.  So they didn't vote for her.

I sat and looked over the story.  It's amusing in some ways.  But the question is....are there a fair number of anti-capitalistic Democratic voters?  No one has ever done a survey or study to really say yes, or no.

If you went to most folks in a rural setting....they will tell you that they just don't know anyone....who seems to be anti-capitalistic.

I did work once with a guy, who had a mid-20's sister....who'd gone to this behavior in college.  She'd wrapped up her degree, and was marginally working....being mostly drawn to anti-capitalistic social groups, and living as near to 'hippy-status' as you could get.  The guy supported the sister, and occasionally have contact with her, but her tight little circle of support kinda frowned on him being around her.  I asked him if felt like a cult, and he grinned.....then suggested that out of the ten ways to recognize a cult situation....he saw at least four of the tendencies (shunning for example, was mentioned).

I generally don't have a problem with anti-capitalistic folks.  If they want to live in the woods, or under a bridge....fine.  If they want a little cabin in the woods, and live off the grid....fine. My opposing point comes when they show up and wreck havoc with some city or some structure, to make their point.

Another thing that will bother me is that the bulk of the group you see....are fake anti-capitalists....pretending to be one....while wearing a $300 pair of glasses, $100 tennis shoes, or driving a fairly new car.

If Hillary were correct....what can she do?  First, we'd have to establish how many exist within the Democratic Party.  My humble guess is that in some states (southern states to be precise)'s less than 2-percent of the local Democratic voter base.  In the whole state of Alabama....we probably only have a hundred anti-capitalists.  In a state like Oregon?  There's probably ten-percent of the state Democratic voter base.  In Washington state....maybe even fifteen-percent of the state Democratic voter base.

But then the question these 'blue-states', with the better numbers on anti-capitalists.....didn't Hillary win all of those?  Oh....well....yeah.

Was there any blue-state that she failed to win?  No.

In fact....if there were just more anti-capitalists in Ohio, Michigan and Florida....well....she would have won the election.

Yeah, this is a pretty stupid thing for her to say.