Monday, 25 February 2019

The Affect of Andrew Yang on the Democratic Party

I've probably watched at least four hours of interviews of Andrew Yang (Democrat, entrepreneur, and 'capitalist-socialist').  My general take is that if you lined up a hundred young Democrats (say age 18 to 30), without an agenda or identity issue (not Latinos or black), then roughly sixty-percent of the group (particularly college kids) would sign up and vote for Yang.

He doesn't have a significant amount of money, and I have my doubts that he will run in fifty primary states.  My best guess is that he's around to be a major part of voting in six to eight states (particularly California).  I think Yank could go and take four key states in the primary period, and readily prevent anyone from being the 'winner' of the primary prior to the convention.  In fact, it's possible, he might dilute enough votes that the leading contender for the Democratic nomination arrives with only sixty-percent of the votes necessary to win, and the Democrats enter a brokered-convention with a fair amount of intrigue.

His five key programs that will attract voters:

1.  Dumping ro-bo calling.  Probably over three-quarters of Americans are furious with the practice.

2.  Holding drug companies accountable. 

3.  Legalization of marijuana.  Right now....I think with the 18 to 30 year old group, you could find 50-percent of those folks favoring it.

4.  He's pro-nuke energy. 

5.  He want a national VAT, and to dump city to city sales taxes.  Depending on your population, that would be your 'cut' of the VAT.  States and cities would be furious over the change....but you can find a lot of people who hate the city to city competition. 

My suspicion is that someone from the two top contenders is going to bend over backwards, and sign up to Yangs ideals, and suddenly come from behind to be the Democratic candidate for President.  Yang will end being a VP candidate, and present an interesting argument over November election. 

Disco Revival?

Last week, I was traveling around in the local area (Wiesbaden) and here was a big poster concert coming up.....'disco revival'.

I stood there for a moment....having one of those life moments where you think about something that hasn't been around in thirty-plus years.

When I left Alabama in 1977....I'd still never experienced disco, or really heard the music.  Two years of Frankfurt (1978 and 1979), were the only time where you heard the music and questioned it as a legit musical trend.

By 1980, arriving in Tacoma, Washington....disco was practically dead at that point (at least in Washington state).

For Germans, disco probably never really died just bounced around for forty years, and some folks have this idea that it's simply been evolving and morphing into some alternative style for the past forty years. 

On the Topic of Reparations

When you go and drag out the Indians and blacks to discuss the reparations angle.....then try to equate this to an amount of it equal? 

Some people will argue no, and suggest that blacks probably deserve more.  Some people will suggest that Indians suffered more, and their reparations angle should be more.  Should it be even?

Indians will say that they suffered longer....from 1492 to present day.  Blacks will say they suffered from the early 1700 when they started to be brought into the new world, and that it marginally lifted up in 1865, and that they should be paid all the way to today.

So if you paid out x-sum.....are you over with reparations?  If nothing really changes for Indians or blacks, I could see reparations version 2.0 coming up in about twenty-five years.  And by might see reparations version 3.0 coming around.

What's the amount of reparations?  A check for $2,500 to each person?  A check for $9,000 for each adult?  If you went to a tribal location in Arizona and handed out a $10,000 check to each quickly would the money disappear?  In three days? 

How to get over this whole topic?  I'd invent a tax credit of a maximum of $100,000.  Upon age 18, and having a job which you'd normally pay an income tax.....I'd offer a deal on the table that you could take from your $100,000 'bucket' a sum (a credit) that you could apply against the tax income.  Example: you made $40,000 this year, and you could take $15,000 from your reparations bucket and apply that to lessen your income and lessen your taxation.  A smart guy would save the bucket till age 30 and readily apply it yearly to adjust their income.

The bold part of this need to go procure a job and actually earning a real income (not flipping burgers).  You'd have to apply yourself and make an effort to hold down a job. 

Those saying it's unfair?  Fine....double it to $200,000 of a tax 'bucket' income.  The construction of this means that you really need to excel in education, and make full use out of the 'bucket'.  It's a creation for 'winners'....not 'losers'. 

Then say at the end of this....this is a one-time deal and no one can utter reparations ever again, for any reason.  If you used this 'bucket' up in two years?  Fine. 

The Simple Way to Make Idiots 'Happy'

For roughly three weeks, I've been watching dimwits get all whiny about their tax refund checks.....the refund is not what they were used to.  In some cases, it's thirty to fifty percent of the normal refund amount.

Oddly enough, they aren't talking about taxes going up....just that the refund is much less.

For all those years in the Air Force, I was 'trained' by IRS to go and take this great tax refund check (often in the 1,000 to 1,500 dollar range) and spend it on crazy stuff.  It was a yearly habit in April....get the 'mad-money' and spend it.  I suspect the bulk of these people are grumbling because April is coming up and half of that mad money is simply not there.

So, the government ought to do the corrective resolution to this.  Raise the monthly deductions on people (at least $150 extra a month), and then 'bless' everyone with a $2,000 refund check as being the norm.

I know, it's stupid and you ought to budget better, but this is how stupid people have become.  Could you go off on your own and raise your monthly deduction by yourself.....without involve Congress or the President?  Well....yes.  In fact, you could fix this in less than three minutes, and your boss wouldn't really care if you did this.