Wednesday, 27 February 2019

He Will Arise Story

In the past month or two, out of South Africa....a pastor did a 'up-and-rise' episode, where he'd announced that so-and-so who was dead (actually in a casket, provided by a local funeral company) would be brought back to life.  A bunch of folks showed up, and sure enough.....with a few words out of the Bible....the dead guy 'arose'.

It was one of those theatrical 'arises', the guy did some jerking motions, and seemed a bit puzzled after arising. 

Naturally, this has set off a bunch of hoax comments, and three funeral-related companies (one apparently provided a vehicle or delivery hearse) to up and sue the minister and his church.

This triggered commentary from the CRL Rights Commission of South Africa (Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities: "There are no such things as miracles."

After that trip of mine last year to South Africa, I came to several observations of the nation, and one of those was that it's ripe or fairly accepting of 'hocus-pocus' type events, and probably a quarter of the nation would easily accept some fake stuff very easily.  It's not an's just the way that things have developed over the past quarter-century.

Course, this government commission wandered into the middle of this....being a commission to deal with religion, and then they up and say.....'no such thing as miracles'.