Monday, 30 September 2019

That CIA Dude

In a normal country (like the UK, or France)....if it came up that their version of the CIA or NSA was spying on the President or his actions....there would be the chief guy for the agency brought in, and fired.  Then the federal cops would fan out and locate the people involved.  You could expect to get twenty years in prison.

So you turn and look at this CIA guy, and his 'dossier', and you start to wonder how he can continue to roam free at work, or perform his regular 'duties'. 

If I were his boss....there would be a full-time supervisor over the guy, and every minute of his day documented.  I'd make sure he was kept busy and lacking any idle-time. 

Punishment?  No....but you can't have some guy walking around in the CIA with the attitude that he can spy on the President. 

Omar Speaks

I sat this afternoon, and was reading through commentary by Rep. Ilhan Omar.  She has this new idea.....she would like to fix all the public/private student debt in America.....with a $1.6 tax on Wall Street transactions.

Who would end up paying this?  Well, after you think about it.....the consumer himself....not Wall Street.  Which consumer?  Some with college debt....some without any college debt.....some without any college at all.

Selling this as resolving the issue?  Once you lay the whole thing out.....most people will start laughing and asking why limit it to college debt?  You ought to include free housing and mortgage assistance for millions of Americans with the same gimmick.  You could make a college tax where kids attending college should pay $88 a month to support mortgage debt. 

Then we could make another tax, on top of another tax, on top of another tax.

There is a college debt issue, but if you'd just limit a kid to $10k of a loan per'd resolve this fairly quickly, and downsize the number of kids attending four-year universities. 

The Ukraine Question

Is there anything illegal with the whole Hunter Biden episode? far, no.

The 1.8-billion dollars of a US 'gift' to this Ukraine company?  It's the ONLY company in the Ukraine which does natural gas development.  The fact that it's run by a oligarch?  Nothing illegal.

The fact that this company quickly turned (within one day) to hire Hunter Biden, and an associate to be on the board?  Nothing illegal.

The $50k a month salary for Hunter Biden?  Nothing illegal.  The guy lacks any background or experience, but we can admit that the company could hire four blind Thai barbers if they wanted to be on the board.

Movement of money via two banking systems in Europe known for money-laundering?  Nothing illegal proven yet.

Hunter Biden declared all income for taxes? One assumes that, so nothing illegal proven yet.

Unethical behavior?  Well, that's the problem here.  Between the Obama/Biden White House, the handling of the money, hiring some guy with zero background, and maybe all looks pretty unethical.  But stuff like this happens on a minute-by-minute basis in Washington, and there's probably 200 billion tossed away into some unethical pit each year. 

How many kids of Senators are sitting on boards because of 'daddy' or 'mother'?  It's best not to ask that.

That's the curious story with no end.  Just a lot of bad ethical behavior.