Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Hunter Biden and His Ukrainian income Tax Rate

While it never comes up.....the top level for income in the Ukraine is 18-percent.  Hunter Biden....with 50,000 dollars a month coming to him as a board member...would have had 9,000 a month going back to the Ukraine.

Did Hunter pay that?  I would assume so.  If the company provided an apartment for Hunter?  Well....that's compensation and there would have to be something on paper for the IRS in the US.

If Hunter didn't pay the 9,000 a month?  Well....he has a problem brewing with Ukraine.

Added note: After Hunter paid his Ukraine taxes....he's done....right?  Well, no.  The first $103k of income overseas would be 'free' from the IRS.  After that, even if he paid Ukrainian taxes....he'd still have to face state and federal tax back in the US.  So it's hard to say if he really made much money from this deal after everyone got finished screwing him over.