Tuesday, 31 December 2019

The 200-Million Dollar 'Pit'

If you read through the political news....they kinda noted this past week that between Bloomberg and Steyer.....they pumped almost 200-million dollars into an anti-Trump ad campaign over the past sixty-odd days.  Results?  It does not appear that any numbers on Trump have changed.  Zero.

So this brings up this odd topic to discuss at the very end of 2019.

Back in the 1980s or 1990s....if any idiot or political party had spent 200-million over sixty days with a anti-Republican President message or theme....it would have shown something.  Maybe three points here.....maybe ten points there.  But here in 2019.....this money basically went into a pit, where it dissolved in a matter of days. 

Has society changed?  I would argue that there's a different landscape existing today.

First, let's admit it......if you are spending any real cash on the anti-Trump message in urbanized areas (like Houston or Baltimore)....it's worthless because they already had that belief.  If you went into rural regions of Missouri, Alabama, or Georgia.....people don't believe the ad's being displayed. 

Second, the unemployment rate is such.....that people tend to look at the economy, and think Trump is the one that caused the sequence of events. 

Third, fake news....fake facts.....fake agendas....all lead to an amused public, sitting in disbelief. 

Finally, I come to this crowd who typically build political theme commercials and the non-logical world they now must exist in.  Whatever they were creating over the past twenty years....won't sell in today's atmosphere.  It ought to make you stand up and ponder over how you might want to spend forty-million to build some 30-second political ad, and how you'd run it in 90 cities around the nation. 

The sad thing is that a 19-year old kid from Detroit's inner city might create a 30-second ad to counter your 40-million ad....costing him nothing, and simply running the ad via social media.