Monday, 21 May 2012

Marion Barry

If you live in pretty much know the history of former mayor Marion Barry, who today, is a city council guy.  He's also in his late 70's, and he's fairly unhealthy in various ways.  This past weekend...he was supposed to fly all the way to Vegas for some event.  He arrives, and immedately has leg pains.  The best that the doctors can that Marion is suffering from blood clot in his leg.   Part of this comes from the air travel, and part from his unhealthy status.

So Marion in recovery status for the next couple of days, and then the hospital will release him in Vegas.  The question would Marion return to DC?

What I see the epic of all movies...."Traveling with Marion".

Some guy simply holds up his hand and says he'll drive Marion Barry from Vegas to DC.  It's a four-day drive.  There has to be some great stories that Marion is going to cut loose on and probably give you enough material for three books.  It is the opportunity of a lifetime.

I admit.....he probably will sleep an hour here or there....but he's going to tell you some things that you just don't hear from political figures today.

If I could be the right guy, at the right place, with a Crown Victoria...this might be interesting.

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