Saturday, 23 March 2013

The End of Harvey

For Harvey Updyke, the Auburn poison oak tree episode has ended rather quickly.

In Bama, this is probably one of the most talked about episodes of the past five years....well...except for NCAA football stuff.

On Friday, the court finally rendered the verdict there in Wetumpka.  Declared guitly....Harvey has to serve a three-year prison sentence....but the judge determinded that he'd already done around a hundred days, and if he does six months minium....the justice folks could let Harvey out of the whole three years deal.  My humble guess is that he does roughly six to nine months and is let go.

Then there was this stipulation written into the judge's order....which is a curious piece.

Harvey can't go near any NCAA football game for the next five years.  He can't talk to any media folks or even cal into a radio-talk show.  Harvey has to be home every night by 7pm for the whole five years.  And Harvey can't go anywhere near Auburn, period.

All of this was handled rather quickly because Harvey dropped the idea of himself being crazy, and just admitted plain stupid guilt on this stuff.

The general feeling around Bama?  Auburn folks are still a bit upset over the guy.  Most of us consider him to be a nutcase, but like the other 250k Bama folks who are also nutcases.

I'd personally suggest this as a future movie.  I'd like to see Burt Reynolds play Harvey, with Hulk Hogan as an Auburn alumni guy on the hunt for Harvey.  Maybe bring in Terry Bradshaw to play the judge from Wetumpka.

So I suggest here....we Bama folks ought to drag out that forgiving nature of ourselves, and just give Harvey a bit of forgiveness on this stuff.  And if he were to move off to Mississippi.....we wouldn't say anything judgmental against that.

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