Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Little NSA Issue

It is a small odd story that makes a guy from Bama ponder.

News sources now say (a 9 Jan 2013 memo).....that NSA geeks were receiving millions and millions of records per day from Google and Yahoo.  Emails, text messages, photos, videos, songs, etc.

The government is sitting there presently....on tons of already gathered data, and will continue on receiving such data, until someone says "stop".

But here's this oddball thing.  Somewhere in this billion-trillion pile of data....are tens of thousands....perhaps millions....of porn.  Lusty stuff, old stuff from the 1960s, fancy Swedish stuff, California stuff, movie-actress stuff, postal workers in various poses, gothic women with other gothic women, guys dressed in pink overalls and doing lusty stuff, and even some video stuff with semi-prominent Congressmen and Senators.

It's all there on some government server.  There's some odd rules about government servers.  You just can't have any lusty stuff stored on them.  There's actually a fed rule about that.

There's also a fed rule about copyrighted music.....being on a fed server.  You just can't load such music on such a server.

There's a rule about movies on fed servers.

All of these things....are actual federal violations.  You could end up in a federal court, if you were the server administrator and allowed such things to flourish or populate your server.....doing nothing about it.

The behavior of NSA and it's data crowd?  Just overlook those particular rules.  The problem's an actual federal law.  And by walking over has to wonder what other laws are not to be enforced?

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Don said...

President Obama and Attorney General Holder, our chief executive and the lead law enforcement officer of the United States respectively, enforce only those laws that support their agenda plus a few that are just figments of their progressive imaginations.