Friday, 22 November 2013

My Ten Bits of Wisdom for November 2013

1.   Nothing is rocket science.....even rocket science.

2.  A dimwit in a fancy still a dimwit, just finer-dressed.

3.  If your life, your dreams, your accomplishments....are all run by polls or approval might want to think about moving into the real world.

4.  Fifty years later, we more less see that this Oswald idiot was an anti-capitalist, anti-Wall Street pretender, and would easily have fit into the Occupy-Wall Street team of today.

5.  If fatty food just tasted bad, we'd all pretty much give up the stuff, and just eat marginally-tasting nutritional food.

6.  No farmer ever got into the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame, earned a Nobel Prize for anything, or noted for the Presidential Medal for Freedom.  It's mostly because they've got real work to do.

7.  A hundred years ago.....the first guy to utter "bigot" usually was right about the other guy.  Today, the first person to utter "bigot" is usually the "bigot" him or herself.

8.  Any idiot could wander onto the NBC Today Show, run it for two hours, and get the same numbers of Matt and the gang.

9.  It might be easier to contact foreign alien societies, find a Big Foot, or train a Loch Nessie to do fancy tricks.....than make the Affordable Healthcare Act stuff work as advertised.

10.  The term "investigative journalist".....doesn't exist in 2013.  It went with Beta tapes, 8-track, and CB-radios.

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