Thursday, 19 October 2017

My Humble Opinion of Megyn Kelly

I sat last night and watched two clips of the new Today Show product with Megyn Kelly.  I don't why it popped up in my mind.  I had seen several folks commenting on the poor quality of the show and figured I'd be a judge.

If you've never been around Latin tend to find afternoon or morning shows where they are done in some live-format, and tend to have some blonde 'floozy' or bimbo in an ultra-tight skirt, open blouse, sixteen-pound gold necklace, and five-inch heels.  She she talks. 

Naturally, it's all in Spanish and you don't really care because you are only watching for the 'Chiquita-this and Chiquita-that' discussion.....some wink-wink by the bimbo....and some fake laughs that mostly women over the age of forty will get the joke. 

My impression?  Megyn is probably set to stay around and doing this show for six months.  At that point, NBC will try to reinvent her into some night-time Sixty-Minutes type show.  After six months of failed efforts with that, the network will admit that it's out of fresh prospectives. 

Back in the kinda noticed various networks going this direction and trying to bring in fresh marginal talent (men and women) to pose as journalists and moderators.  A handful had quality talent...most didn't.    Bryant Gumbel didn't. 

I was drawn for many years to sit and watch the Sunday morning episode of CBS news with Charles Kuralt.  CBS didn't really want to use him for many of it's shows....mostly because he came off in a unique fashion and seemed to be telling a story in a undramatic and non-intellectual fashion.  On the Charles Kuralt-scale....I can rate Megyn as a marginal '2' at best.  But on the Latin American scale....she's a '10'.  You just have sit and pause waiting for the 'Chiquita-this and Chiquita-that' moment and just grin as she delivers.