Saturday, 11 August 2018

USA Today Piece

There's this editorial off USA Today, which basically says.....'dump the Presidency because Trump has proven that the office is a threat to the nation'.

It goes on for about sixty lines and just suggests that as you abolish the President's just go with the legislative arm to manage the government.  In terms of a convincing argument, it's a watered-down piece of a editorial that you'd expect out of a 2nd-year college student, who probably should have gone to some community college and gotten into carpentry. 

So you go and examine the 'need'.  I suspect if you went back to the early 1800s....the majority of Americans marginally could name the President, but few (if any) could name the VP.  Until you reach 1860, there's a limited impact of the President upon Americans and their 'lifestyle'.

Since the late 1920s?  Once the Wall Street crash occurred, and you go through the depression....the President's office is deemed essential to the lives of every single American.  FDR forged this 'brand' upon the nation.  Since that point, the belief is that you need some 'Jesus Christ-like' character to anchor the office and present some image, with miracles and legacy 'gifts'. 

If you went and abolished the office?  You would basically go the German-brand of government where the legislature is elected and the party in charge would vote for a Chancellor or Prime Minister, and they would do virtually everything required to manage the government.  Oh, there is a President within the German system....but he's there mostly to do ceremonies and speeches.  The importance of the Party?  Yes, the Party becomes the essential 'thrill' of the government and everything is dependent in these elections to get the Party up to the top circle.

Would this resolve this guy's 'problem'?  Within ten years, he'd come back and suggest that the Prime Minister is screwed up and we need to fire that gal or guy.

My suggestion here is for people to get a life....a hobby....limit yourself for a month to just local a some landscaping....paint your fence posts....go fishing.  This conclusion that you can only be happy with the 'right' kind of President?  It's a fraud. 

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