Thursday, 23 August 2018


I sat there today and watched through about 60 minutes of news coverage over the past three days.....where the term 'Watergate was mentioned at least twenty times.  Watergate-this, and Watergate-that.

I admit I am nearing 60 years old and have some memory of the period, the activity, the characters, and downfall of Nixon.

But here's the thing.  I suspect that two-thirds of the nation has virtually NO MEMORY of Watergate, and this hype?  It'd doing absolutely nothing.

Some folks are probably sitting there and thinking Watergate was some dam structure which collapsed in 1913 in Arkansas, or it was a Detroit car model that was made for one brief year, or that it was a blonde gal from Tulsa who went by the name 'Henny' Watergate and she did some wild topless dancing in the 1970s.

The use of these 1970s journalists?  Being dragged out and propped up for some twelve-minute lecture about something that no one really remembers?  Well....that's the problem.  They might as well be Detroit Lion coaches,  Seattle city council members, or famous Mexican comedians.

By the middle of next week...some intellectual guy will meet up with the CNN, NPR, and CBS crowd.....discussing the discovery that the term 'Watergate' really is a mystery to two-thirds of the nation and maybe there needs to be another angle to destroying Trump (maybe connecting him to a UFO theorist group or a Swedish opera singer with Russian family connections).

Here's the funny thing.....more people can name women 'loved' on by Bill Clinton.....than Republican guys who 'fell' during the Watergate era.  That ought to worry the Democrats greatly. 

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