Thursday, 23 August 2018


I should note, I just don't care much for the NFL, and have been that way for a couple of years.  The kneeling business simply wrapped up the last bit of enthusiasm I had.

I noticed today that teams are a bit worried over fan numbers and filling seats as the season starts up, and they've gone to a new tactic.....heavily discounting beer and food prices.  Course, this cuts into profits but the desperation is starting to show.

If the attendance or viewing numbers don't return to a norm?  Most journalists were trying to tell a story in the late fall of 2017 that this was a temp thing, and it would return to normal.  Why they choose that wording?  Unknown.

The brand?  It's in a freefall type situation and no one that you can readily identify for blame.  If you were a owner of a billion-dollar club, and your profits were 20-percent off the'd be upset.  You'd like to fire someone.  But in this can't.

The camera guys?  They likely have orders to avoid any camera display of empty seats.  So every image will be selected carefully and the majority of camera footage will be of the field itself.  The fact that 10,000 seats might be empty?  It won't be discussed.

Bars that used to make big money off Monday night football?  They would likely be looking for an alternate angle now.

At the bottom of this whole thing are college kids looking at the pay-dynamics and realizing that somewhere in the next year or two....there's going to be some shift in pay, and it won't be positive.

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