Monday, 2 May 2011

The Most Interesting Thing

I spent around forty-five minutes today reading the news on Osama.  There are various pieces to this operation which are curious notes....but there is one fascinating piece.

This house that he was found in....isn't just a house.  It's a one-million dollar mansion in Pakistan.  We are talking about a million-dollar estate with 18-foot walls surrounding the place and almost no windows.  This would all be a bit odd.  But here is the unusual in a million-dollar estate....they burned their garbage.

I would imagine that you could drive around Pakistan and maybe over the whole country.....find around 250 million-dollar estates.  If you were looking for one with almost no windows and 16-foot'd probably find less than three of them.  But finding a million-dollar mansion where folks burn all their garbage? just won't find that.

You can go off to France, Germany, Japan, and a dozen countries where you'd find million-dollar estates....and you just won't find anybody that burns their trash.  It's always picked up.

So I go back to my Bama days.  My dad, and almost everyone around where I grew up in the 1970s....burned their garbage.  You'd have a 55-gallon drum and toss a bag in....light it up, and then watch it burn.  After two months of this....the drum would be full and you'd tie it onto the truck and dump it at the local garbage dump.

This was a regular habit of my dad up until the 1980s.....when the locals are all got peppy about grass fires, and then it kinda got to be a bad thing.  Yes, I can remember twenty-odd grass fires starting and having to rush out and douse them with a hose before they became issues.

So I can kinda identify with the Obama folks here.  They probably had this habit from the Africa years and just kept up the trend....even when they were living in a one-million dollar estate.  Course, he also probably didn't want anyone ever reading his fantasy letters to some lusty gal in Bossier City, or gazing at his credit card information which had details over his 1-900 chats with a service out of Detroit.  So I can understand things like this.

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