Monday, 12 May 2014

A Story of a Haircut

It's not a story that will get told on CNN or in your local paper.  If you browsed around, there might be a dozen newspapers in the entire US that carried the story, and it'd just be forgotten real quick anyway.

So, two guys go for a haircut.

In a normal typical day.....tens of thousands of guys go for a haircut.  Most have a preferred barber.  They have a routine......stepping in...reading the local news....maybe sipping some coffee.  The TV might be on, or the barber might be chatting away on NCAA football, a Baptist revival, or discussing the best way to brew garage-beer.

In this particular case....the barbershop is in Yemen....a far piece from American soil.  The two customers?  One was a CIA guy and the other a Army special forces Lt Col.  It's safe to say....that in do as the locals do, and you carry a gun on you.

For some reason, these two guys were picked from the various folks coming and going at the embassy there in Yemen, and were supposed to be kidnapped.

The kidnapper crew?  I'm not sure if they really had much of a plan, or if the head mullah of the local Muslim facility just said a few magic words and figured it'd all be fine.

Well....our two American guys pull their pistols out and kill the two terrorists.  Reports won't indicate the shape of the barbershop after the event.....but it's safe to say that there's no more issues ever to arise from these two fine young gentlemen of a Muslim orientation.  They've gone to the six-feet under world.

The barber?  Well....there's not much said.  I'm sure he's a bit shaken.  He probably didn't get to finish the haircuts.  And there's probably a reputation about his customers now.....they aren't the type to give easily.

This old world is not a peaceful place....or defined as a friendly place.  You do stupid end up six-feet under.  You think about your place in life, and gauge the circumstances of which you'd like to enjoy.  If you don't have much to live for.....obviously, you lack these two young gentlemen did.

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