Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Robot Future

Here this month of August....the Pew Research Center....a respected research group....came out with a report that projects within the next decade that a lusty hot robot gal will be available for guys, for a price.

Yeah, it kinda means that a guy with ample income.....could put down the cash and buy himself a bedroom gal, strictly for physical needs, and forget the need of a regular wife/girlfriend.

It invites various discussion about where this is going.  All you need is five guys out of a hundred to go to the robot gal for all their physical needs, and mankind is in some type of trouble.  Added to this way of also means that a guy could pick up on a robot guy if he wanted lusty male activity and avoid a relationship entirely.

It's a bold new world ahead in the next couple of decades.  The question of ethics will arise and demand some attention by the public and government authorities.  Might we go and make human to robot relationships legal?  Somewhere by 2040....I'll bet that several states have approved such marriages, and you start to notice a handful of such relationships.

Negative concepts among society over this development?  I'm betting that political figures from both parties will attach themselves to the idea and try to get folks to twist this into a political debate.

All of this will lead companies to think over models and develop models to fit the general public requirements: the Woman Woman model, the Thai model, the blonde-bombshell type, and the seven-foot tall model that waddles around with seven-inch high heels.

I can't say if this is positive or negative.  Society is on a constant change mentality.  Eventually, everything is acceptable.  And this robot thing is only a temporary moment of the changes ahead.

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