Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Breakfast at McDonalds All Day?

There's a rumor out today of a test going on at one McDonalds in the US (in San Diego as the story goes)....where they intend to take a number of breakfast items on the menu and just keep them up all day long.

Over the past year.....McDonalds has hit some business peak and gone a step backwards.  The CEO was let go a month ago and they are in the mind to take aggressive steps to regain business.  But this gimmick of breakfast all day?

I have had breakfast at both McDonalds and Burger King over the past few years.  To be honest.....it's my absolute last choice.  Other than the sausage biscuit at both.....it's a one-star breakfast in my mind.  There's no real taste and the quality just isn't noticeable.  I might give a thumbs-up on the pancake menu but that's a marginal thumbs-up.

Making a difference? I'm guessing around some retirement communities....there might be some interest in this idea, but I doubt if you'd sell some breakfast item after noon to more than twenty people.

The other day here in Germany.....I walked by a Subway location and they had introduced a breakfast menu.....an odd selection but there were a dozen people standing there....sipping coffee and eating some kind of egg-sausage combo.

Threatening the business angle of Waffle House?  No....it's hard for McDonalds to meet the greasy quality, salty texture, and fatty nature of my favorite breakfast enterprise.  I admit....it doesn't matter....6AM, noon or 6PM.....I'd still order the breakfast menu at Waffle House.  Maybe McDonalds figures you'd eventually get addicted to their gimmick.

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