Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Chris Christie: The Number Seven Guy

Back in 2007, Chris Christie had some opportunities and gave a marginal effort.  Eight years later, with the stupid bridge episode from New Jersey.....Christie is a guy waiting on an impossible dream to occur.

In New Jersey and New York....he'll make it awful tough for any other Republican to run and capture local votes.  He should win both with a 10-percent margin over the number two guy.  But beyond that?

In Iowa, at best....he'll end up as the number seven guy.  And in half the state primaries.....I don't see doing much better than number seven.

His asset is speeches and debates.  With the exception of Cruz and maybe Walker.....he is better than the rest on debate delivery.  In terms of pumping up a crowd, he might be at the same level as Walker.

I think he's in this race for strictly one reason.....the VP job.  If you look over various combinations and look at the likely leaders of the race (Cruz, Walker and Rubio).....he might fit very well with Walker.  Zero chance on VP for Rubio or Cruz.

Had the bridge episode never occurred?  Well....that's history now, but you have to figure that his trusted staff really screwed him over when they suggested the bridge episode.  Without that screw-up....he might easily be the number two guy today instead of the number seven guy.

Note, I'm even putting Donald Trump in a higher rating than Christie.  Trump might carry NY state if Christie can't subtract his support.  

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