Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Flag Stuff

This is the official South Carolina flag.  I know....you've seen dozens of pictures over the past week of the 'other' flag and assume that it's the state flag.

There are two flags in this little story.  The first one.....this flag....came up in 1775 and has some Revolutionary War history tied to it.  The Palmetto Tree was used to construct some fortifications.....which held up to British cannon fire.  Everyone was impressed by that, and they simply made the tree into the flag.  The half-crescent moon goes back to some notion of liberty (no Islam).

As the Civil War came up.....another flag was made up as the battle flag and it's more or less what stands around today and is a symbol of some sorts......but is considered the state battle flag.

So, to halt some radical thinking of people that they'd have to design an entirely new flag after they dump this Civil War battle flag.....no, they already have a flag sitting there and ready to go, and it's been around since 1775, with almost no one complaining about the blue and white flag....other than folks who hate Palmetto trees.

Getting rid of the old battle flag gets rid of racism?  Well....no.  It is a minor element of a marginal sense, and simply represents one single brick in the wall.  As for continued production of the South Carolina battle flag?  I would expect some Chinese flag shop to continue producing a couple thousand of these flags yearly, and at least ten thousand South Carolina folks to fly their battle flag as some type of stance.  Maybe three-hundred years into the future.....it won't be such a big deal, but right now.....it's a state issue.

One little note.....as for states left with a 'problem'?  Well.....Mississippi is about the last state with a connection to the Civil War.  Alabama's flag is mildly representing the Civil War but has a white background.  I'd expect a frenzy to occur in Mississippi by late summer and they'll replace their flag.

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