Saturday, 27 June 2015

How Polygamy Now Fits

It's not that I support threesome or foursome marriages, but as I looked over all the chatter from hit me that the court actually wrote the introduction to legalized polygamy into this decision.

The scenario will be this way.....within six months, a guy will walk into some marriage license office and ask for a license for his second wife.  The license clerk will respond with it being illegal, and the guy will challenge this in local court, then state court, and by October of in the Supreme Court to present their case.  Decision expected by summer of 2018, but you can't really deny a threesome marriage situation because all of this has to deal with "happiness" which is written into the Constitution, and the cornerstone of this week's decision.

There will be ever so brief pause by the news media when the decision is handed down.....a bit of shock....because they thought that marriages could only be between two people.  Well....that's simply not the case.

A marriage of five or ten people?  I would say it's now possible and there's virtually no limit because 'happiness' is a factor.  This brings me to the big question....can a guy really be happy with two wives?  I just don't see this trend going to be a happy situation for most folks.  It'll twist itself into a fad.  Over the course of the first year of legalized polygamy......I'd take a humble guess that 20,000 such marriages will occur.

The problem with polygamy will be the handling of benefits.  Like social security or pensions.  When one of the foursome passes the remaining three split it by 33-percent?  It'll beg for more Supreme Court action....more decisions.....more divisions.

So get used to the idea of's really not that far off and maybe you actually can think of another gal that would add value to your present marriage.

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