Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Dead Lions Talk

Not that I care that much for the Cecil the Lion (the old lion that whacked by the American dentist)....but I noted today that some gal who claims to be a seance-expert.....that she was able to communicate with dead Cecil (the lion).

She wanted to let folks know that Cecil is doing ok in the afterlife.....urging folks to be strong and speak up for those who suffer. Bring some light and some love....to life.  That was the words from dead Cecil (the lion).

Dead lion communication?  Well....you see, this is all part of the whole gimmick.  If some people hyped up the first part of the story....why can't a second wave hype up more of the dead lion story with some communication episodes.

Maybe we could have a seance crew each week communicate with dead animals....like Lassie, Flicker, Ole Yella, Mister Ed, and Flipper the dolphin.

Are we finished with Cecil and his affairs yet?  No.

Sadly, I think there's still more to come.

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