Friday, 25 March 2016

Beck and the Fake Discussion

Six years ago, I would on occasion listen to Glenn Beck.  It was mostly the Friday show where he'd do a history discussion, and bring up Jefferson or Washington.  These were four-star episodes.  The rest of the time?  A marginal two-star piece that you'd like to avoid.

This week, I noted a comment from Beck: "No real Christian should vote for Trump."

This drives up the discussion of 'real' Christians.

You see....there are fake Christians, CINOs (Christians in name only), swindle-Christians (after your money only), sham-Christians (fake all the way through), hanky-panky Christians (they'd like for you to share your wife), hoax-Christians (ninety-nine ways of healing you), and opera-Christians (it's a forty-dollar show like you'd see on Broadway).

Probably out of a hundred Christian least half are fake in some way.

So, if you followed Beck's advice....who exactly should you (the real Christian) vote for?  Well, it'd have to be for a real Christian candidate.  Does one exist?  No, so you'd have to vote some CINO or fraudulent but almost Christian.  Is that the answer?

On a list of 99-odd things that you ought to consider as Presidential qualities....some other qualities matter.

How many people listen to Beck anymore?  I'd take a guess that roughly 500,000 Americans will catch some part of Beck's daily show.  It's a continual trend of people discovering Beck.....going through Beck's chat for a year....than a quarter of the audience dropping their Beck enthusiasm after a while because it's kinda silly or crazy.

Here's my advice.  If Trump just doesn't get you enthusiasm.....don't worry, there's always another choice.  And in November, if it's just Trump and Clinton....well, you still have Hillary that you can vote a Christian and feel good about her and your vote going that direction.

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