Friday, 16 June 2017

Resolution Ten Crowd

While I was off on a short trip this week.....the fine folks at the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution referred to as "#10".....condemning the Alt-Right crowd/all forms of accordance with the gospel.

Yeah, it's actually written into Mathew, Mark and Ezra.  Even Moses hyped up the issues of being Alt-Right and a member of the GOP.  Jesus wept at some point and noted that Alt-Right was a terrible's all in the just need to read between the lines., it's not there.

Some SBC dimwits made up some hype and went off to say that the Gospel was interpreted to mean this and Alt-Right was something that ministers need to talk negative about.

In a way, the move helps to lessen the appeal of the Southern Baptists and focus some members on the comical behavior of the organization.  It's pretty simple to just say adios and let go of the politicized organization.

The odds that Minister Bob or Deacon Joe will come to visit you after you stop showing up?  You can just bring up resolution ten, and that you think Jesus was actually an original part of the Alt-Right trend.  Minister Bob or Deacon Joe will stand there with some deer-in-the-headlight look, and realize their gimmick to paradise just isn't going to sell well.

In a way, the SBC folks are helping to dissolve the whole organization, with a long-term plan of non-existence.

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