Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Worry Story

The WattsUpWithThat crowd wrote up an interesting piece today....over a university study piece (by Chapman University)....studying 'fears' of people.

The study crowd says that climate change/global cooling.....really isn't high up on the list of fears by Americans.  Shocker, eh?

In fact, more Americans believed and feared paranormal things (like ghosts)....more than climate change.  I think if you did the same survey on'd be the exact opposite.

On the top fears or worries for Americans?  Number one: corruption of government bureaucrats. Amusingly enough....fear of Trumps reform of the Healthcare Act came up as number two on the fear list.

Fear of North Korean nukes?  Way down as number nine.  In fact, folks worried more about not having enough money (ranked five on the list).

I sat and pondered over the listing. 

From the list of the top ten fears that most Americans showed fear over?  I kinda have to admit that I don't sit around and worry much about any of these. 

Oh, I worry about snakes if I'm in a snaky area and there's high grass.  I worry about food poisoning if I'm at a questionable one-star restaurant.  I don't worry much about ghosts, cannibals, meteors, wild dogs, or angry elephants.  I do worry about nutcases who talk to themselves, Brahma bulls, driving in snow-storms, real Nazis (not the fake Nazis), and people who appear to have leprosy.  I don't worry about meth-heads unless they seem totally out of control.

The problem I see with this survey business is that they aren't really going out into country settings and asking regular people about this stuff.

Most folks from where I grew up would hype up their worry over tornadoes, their car transmission failing, the county voting to go dry, their wife finding out about their mistress, the water heater failing, meth-heads, corrupt cops, and some Alabama governor making a play on their wife or girlfriend.  Folks worrying about climate change?  I doubt if it'd even make the top forty worries.

This worry discussion?  I guess someone worries about what makes you worry. 

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