Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Trip Through Dubai

I wrapped up a three week trip.....Dubai for a couple of days, and the rest all in New Zealand.

So, some comments on Dubai:

1.  Beyond the Mall, it's a limited number of things that you'd go to Dubai for....VERY limited.

2.  Looking for any pork products?  You can just about forget that.  I sat and ate some sirloin steak pizza one night....which just doesn't work with pizza.

3.  Folks at every single hotel go way out of their way to be nice.

4.  If you've never been to the Dubai Airport.....there's no airport that reaches the level of 'look' that this airport has.  Just the bag-pick-up area by itself.....is big enough to put forty basketball courts there.  If you walked into the Emirates business-class lounge, it's big enough to handle over 3,000 people....with five different food courts. 

5. The Mall?  You could start at 8AM and I think you'd still be walking at 6PM....fairly amazed.  The thing is...you'd need to start out with at least a thousand dollars in your pocket, and expect most to bw gone by the end....easily.

6.  As bad as traffic is in New York City, Dubai is pushing to have even a worse traffic flow problem.  For a 15-minute ride to the airport, I had one hand on the door handle at all times, and kinda surprised how the driver avoided accidents. 

7.  Crime.  Well....no matter where you go, you just don't see it. 

8.  Every single employee?  Except for the guys at the border control point in the Airport.....everyone is a foreign employee.  A lot of Russians, Ukrainians, Philippine folks, and Egyptians.

9.  Even in November, it's still fairly hot.  And if you hung out for more than an hour....you'd be sunburned a bit.

10. Classy would be a word that you'd use often.     There's another world existing in Dubai. 

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