Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The Thing About This $5.6-Million

So, to the Trump dossier that Fusion GPS wrote over Trump and the Democrats paid $5.6-million.

I sat down today and came to realize that this entire dossier....which I thought was 300 to 500 pages....was basically 35 pages.  That's it.  That's $160,000 per page.

It's an unbelievable amount.....for fictional material.  And the Democrats felt it was worth not only the $5.6-million, but threw another $3-million in on top of that.

How was the money spent?  I'm guessing there was a bar tab set up, and whoever this British dude was....he stayed at five-star hotels....sipped through as much booze as he wanted....had $90-a-plate dinners....and interviewed only the best hookers in town.

How stupid is this?  If you were a working-class democrat and had sent Hillary $'d be kicking yourself right now and wondering what-the-hell-idiot would go and spend money like this on fake stuff.  Did Hillary actually approve this? 

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