Wednesday, 25 October 2017

How Stupid Can You Really Be?

So, the basic story is that the DNC (Democratic National Committee), in hopes of taking down Trump in the campaign and helping Hillary win....paid $5.6-million for the Fusion GPS dossier on Trump. 

I sat there for about thirty minutes thinking over this and reading through the various accounts.  They listed the payment as 'legal fees', and it's basically structured in this way.

Since we know that about 99-percent of the dossier is a fraud and fake....the question would lead back to the DNC....if you just wanted a fake dossier, why pay $5.6-million?  You could have done the same dossier with some creative writer for $5,000. 

Someone at Fusion GPS convinced the idiots at the DNC that they had the best people, the best writing, and the way of making the fake dossier seem truthful, and so the price-tag of $5.6-million makes sense. 

Money flushed down the toilet?  This is what amazes me.  You could have bought 224 pick-ups with that money.  You could have most of the home-ticket tickets for the University of Alabama football season, for the entire stadium.  There are dozens of things that you could have done with $5.6-million.  But with this money....all you got was a fake dossier on Trump? 

It presents this image of the leadership of the DNC as being not only corrupted, but just plain stupid. Who authorized the payment?  How was the money shifted over, via wire-transfer?  Could Trump now sue the DNC for defamation of character? 

So, I come to the last note of criticism....Hillary Clinton.  When you start back in Little Rock with decisions White Water, and then you go down the list with over a hundred significant screw-ups that should have derailed your public career (and never did) you come to the dossier story.  She likely stood there after hearing the details of the dossier and felt absolutely sure that this would convince those stupid Republicans and moderates not to vote for some sex-fiend like Trump. And now? 

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