Wednesday, 25 October 2017

This Uranium-One Story

This story of the sale of US uranium to the Russians has been brewing for months.  Bill made $500,000 from a Russian syndicate by giving a speech.  Hillary's foundation got some money after the deal was pushed through.  There's probably enough on the story to write sixty pages of material.

I've looked this in the past week and come to three observations:

1.  There's tons of uranium in Russia and it doesn't make any sense that some Russian billionaire folks would work up some deal with the Russian government to go out and buy more at inflated US-prices, and ship it to Russia. My belief?  I think the Russians baited the Democrats, and Hillary....into getting deep into this deal, and at the right time (expecting Hillary to win), they would have disclosed more to the deal and probably gotten a Senate investigation into President Hillary (assuming she would have won), and maybe triggered her resignation from the Presidency with a threat of impeachment. 

2.  In 2009, Secretary of State Clinton directed Rober Mueller (our special prosecutor now) who was the head of the fly off to Russia personally and deliver a sample of some ''captured uranium" that the US had intercepted being sold by Russians to some middle-man.  Was the FBI holding the uranium?  I kinda doubt that.  So the question....why Mueller?  Why did he have to be this delivery guy?

3.  Finally, what exactly did Bill know about this entire deal?  Did this whole thing start up because of some European meeting that Bill attended and the deal originally pitched to him....not Hillary? 

If you had come up in the 1980s and suggested that the US government would ever approve a uranium sale to the Russians....most everyone would have laughed...yet here we are, and eight years later, it's looking like bribery. 

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