Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Not Used on Facebook

Sadly, I must admit that of this eight-million membership group whose data was sold off to the evil Cambridge Analytical crowd.....I'm not in the data sold.  I kept waiting for the 'message' yesterday from Facebook, and it never came.

So I wasn't in the data group that helped Trump win the election, at least how Cambridge Analytical brags. 

Why?  I would speculate that while I do have a Facebook account....I just don't click on anything much.  In a normal year.....I might click eight to ten times off some story that is featured on Facebook.  So my 'click-score' is probably on a scale of one to ten.....near a 'one'.

I expect some folks to be extremely angry over being included in the data sold off to Cambridge Analytical, and being Hillary-supporters.....they might get pretty hostile.  Some folks might even have to take an afternoon off from work, to pout at home or discuss matters with with their mental-health doctor.  Me?  I'm a bit upset that my data wasn't used....but it's not worth drinking a beer over or discussing this with some bartender. 

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