Friday, 28 December 2018

The Half-Way Point on Gov't Closure

Until the Democrats sit down (likely to be at least late February), and talk over the 'mess'.....nothing is going to happen.  I don't think President Trump will have an issue in going 100-plus days.  The folks affected? There's probably 2,000 government employees in the DC area who are seriously in trouble by mid-January, and another forty-thousand who cannot survive 60-plus days without a pay-check.

So I'm going to suggest the mid-point resolution likely to come from Nancy Pelosi or her replacement (yes, it's possible that Nancy gets fired by the Democrats by day 60 of this shutdown). 

Basically, the Democrats will agree to fund one-billion dollars for the Wall in 2019, and sign up to a 2020 budget 'promise' of 1.5 billion to be funded.  The President, I think....will earmark the money to only go toward Texas and Arizona Wall construction....leaving New Mexico and California without the Wall, and making part of the 2020 election to wrap up the last of this project (figured to be 2021 to 2023).

The odds of a 100-day shutdown?  Actually, it's probably better than a 50-50 bet.  But this will give Amazon a chance to hold a job-fair and go to recruit these desperate DC folks.  That Arlington Amazon operation will require near 25,000 folks and I just don't see some massive number of new folks moving in and taking these jobs.  I think the bulk will come out of this shutdown situation. 

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