Thursday, 9 April 2015

An Amusing Fracking Story

CNBC did a report up today.....talking up the idea that fracking has caused massive radon build-ups in Pennsylvania houses (800,000 of them presently are mentioned in the news item).  They use statistical data collected by Johns Hopkins to state their point.  These are homes which were measured back in the late 1980s and again in the last five years. "Bad-boy" fracking.....obviously has to be the cause. get the impression that a good story ought to be able to stand, and this would work good....if they hadn't put the date into the storyline.  The data collection started in 1987.

If you go back to the 1980s....some people were starting to talk in public forums and to building/renovation crews about selling people on better insulation and high-standard door/windows.  The deal spoken by environmentalists was that we were allowing precious cooled or heated air to escape a house.

Naturally, the gimmick here was to spend several thousand and buy some insulation protection.  What happens after you spend the money?  Your house gets insulated, and air doesn't escape.  That also includes radon which might be in the you have radon build-up.  Shocker.....?

Unless you also went out and put in an exhaust help several times a week to 'flush' the were were going to collect and develop a substantial radon problem.

The 300,000 homes that CNBC talked about with big issues which lead back to fracking?  No.....they lead back to the investment made fifteen to twenty years better insulated homes.  It's not rocket science to figure the consequence here.

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