Thursday, 9 April 2015

Short Essay on Gender-free Bathroom Story

I noticed some big news group talked up the newest thing in the White House.....a gender-free bathroom.  This is one of those new fangled bathrooms where males, females, or transgender folks can attend to their personal business.

I sat and thought about it.  I also have a gender-free bathroom in my present house.  You can open the door.....go do your business....wash up....flush....and then spray a bit (the guy-rule that my wife enforces).

I also go one step's a gender-free and paw-free bathroom.....meaning that two Maine Coons can also do their business as well.  To be honest, I've had a gender-free bathroom for years....every since I got married.  In the days prior to that.....I lived in the barracks where we had a open bathroom.....which means forty guys could use it at one time, if necessary.

This gender-free bathroom thing appears to be a hot topic.  Folks marvel at the new and complex nature of this....yet never seem to ask any questions.  It's like some alien species arrived last week and everyone jumped to toss in a new type bathroom situation.

In the old days.....if you stopped off at some gas'd find that they had only one bathroom (the typical solution) and you got a key to walk over to the gender-free bathroom.  It was one single stall with one single wash basin.  You did your business quickly, and left (hopefully flushing).  End of the discussion.  Today?  Business operations have multiple stalls and things appear to be slightly more complicated.

The odd question to ask the White House?  It'd be interesting to note if it has a sensor and are counting 'users'.  In an entire there anyone using the gender-free bathroom?  And if they are using it.....are there any problems or complaints?

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