Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Simply Observations

First, this Bruce Jenner trans-to-something story?  Well....around five percent of society runs around and tries to be something DIFFERENT.  If they could transform themselves into a Klingon or Cyborg creature.....a thousand guys would line up tomorrow and lay down $15,000 to make it possible.  In the's a story about.....nothing.  Sorry, if I don't get excited.

Second, some smart guys did a chimp study and found out that if you had a chance to heat up or cook a dish....the chimps would prefer heated food.  Now.....not that it really makes much difference but it shows they'd like to enhance their lifestyle and do something other than plain old regular room-temperature bananas or pudding.

Third, someone came up this week and asked a stupid question and got a stupid answer.  The question there anyone in Washington DC....who counts or knows the true number of Americans in existence?  The answer? one counts such people.  Nor does it appear that the US government cares if there is such a number or if they should know it.   This revolves around a case going to the Supreme Court and accepted by them.  The case.....Evenwel v. Abbott, asks if the Constitution's general understanding of “one person, one vote” principle requires equal numbers of voters per district....rather than of numbers of citizen and non-citizen people.  It'll put a strange on things if the Supreme Court says all people count and future Census counts would just go full-throttle on counting people.

Naturally, you'd think that someone knows each guy, his citizenship situation and his address., no one has such data and I don't think the government even wants to open this door and start collecting such data.

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