Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Chocolate Story

Years ago....I had to skip lunch to make some I grabbed a candy bar and put it inside my jacket.  Ten minutes into this drive....I pulled the chocolate bar out, and of was all melted up.  You ate what you could and just skipped the rest.

Chocolate has this tendency....with any kind of melts.

So I noticed in international news today....the Swiss guys (they basically run the developmental side of chocolate) have come to a new recipe of sorts....a chocolate that they claim.....WILL NOT melt.

Now, I admit....I'm skeptical of this. can do things with chocolate that probably isn't a positive when the military invented that funny fudge bar for the MRE's.  It's the bar you can eat and get constipated to the maximum degree (you might actually go three days without a bowel movement if you ate two of these bars).

A chocolate bar that won't melt?  It has to have some strange ingredients within it and I'd question what they were.  So far....the Swiss guys aren't saying what it's got or such.

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