Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Sign to Ponder Upon

I stood a couple of days ago in front of a pub in Chinatown there.....with this unusual sign out in front.

The question is.....what kind of music is dope music?

In would have invited a dozen responses from the my barracks crowd (my old Air Force days).  At least forty bands would have been mentioned.

The thing is pretty laid back and non-drug.  If you got into any kind of'd be dragged down for some harsh cop attention.  So, you have have some pretender dope music, some fine Asian craft beer, and some tapas.

But this led me to consider this.....would any American bar put up a sign like this?  Cops would quickly jump into the middle of this, but then find it's a fake gimmick and just done to draw people in to drink beer and listen to Little River Band or Johnny Cash tunes.

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