Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Hotel

I've been on "R and R" for the past three weeks....traveling via Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and I'll have a dozen-odd blogs to write over the next week or two.

This one?  I stayed at an unusual hotel in Brisbane, which deserves commentary.  I won't name the hotel because of certain reasons....which will become apparent.

I surveyed to forty-odd options for hotels in the center of town and eventually came to this one unique hotel which was an computer engineer's dream.

They had taken all available technology items and tied them into this one hotel.

So, it was a four-star place and once you entered the sat and were amazed.  A dozen-odd spotlights and landscape lights covering the bath, the hall, and the bedroom area.  All of these were tied into a Samsung phone left on the bed table.  then you had the AC unit tied to the Samsung app.  Then you had a menu of food and beverages.....tied to the Samsung app.  The cleaning gal?  Tied to the Samsung app.

So I picked up the Samsung discover it (coming off the charger) was dead.  I called the hotel IT guy.  He came and put in a new battery and for twelve hours.....I enjoyed this interesting gimmick.  Then it died.....never accepting a charge from the room charger.

Yeah, I checked....the charger was perfectly OK.  Then I noted.....a little sign....if the Samsung was'd amount to possibly 500 Aussie dollars.  I kinda put down the phone and figured it was best not to do much else with it.

Various things didn't work over the four days there.....I had four calls that went get things fixed (like the typical office environment with gadgets).

I admit...if they'd all might have been awful impressive.  But it's just like in real'd like for the 'toys' to work, and they just never work the way as designed.

The sad thing is that it was a perfect location, a perfect hotel bar, and a perfect hotel restaurant.  You'd like to say something pretty good about the place but all these failed technology stuff.....left a bad taste in your mouth.

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