Monday, 29 February 2016

Law and Order in Hong Kong

I spent four days in Hong Kong.  There are thousand little comments to make, but I'll center this short essay upon two things and law enforcement.

This sign kinda notes the direct impact of NOT using seat belts....caught?  Five thousand Hong Kong dollars and 90 days in jail.  You see.....they don't kid around about the second weasel for a judge....just plain regular enforcement.  If you need to spend 90 days in jail to reestablish your understanding of the law.....go for it.

So, this played out on the second day there.....where I was on a street and just standing there when a van was backing into a parking spot, and a taxi ran into the back (bumping the van ever so slightly).

The van (in front and backing) jumped out and was about to launch into a five-star confrontation.  But at the same time.....there were these two cops (male and female officers).....about forty feet away and had observed part of the incident.

The female officer went straight up to the van guy who was angry and stood five feet away.....then raised her hand in a manner to send a strict message to the guy.  No other words.....if you do anything to challenge'll go hard against you.

I turned and watched the male officer facing the taxi guy who was angry and was going to exit the cab to toss in his two cents of confrontation......and the hand signal went into action there.

It was absolute authority by the cops, and absolute fear of what the cops would say or do in court.  In the US, you would have had to call for back-up cops (maybe 20 of them) and worry about people in the crowd getting into some massive riot.  Here in Hong Kong?  The cops owned the peace and you just didn't do anything to send them the wrong message.

Frankly, I was impressed.

The taxi guy drove off.  The van guy proceeded to back in.  The two cops continued their walk on down the street.  It's the way things ought to work.

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