Monday, 29 February 2016

The Recruitment Story

While I was off in Australia on my vacation....I read through daily papers, and one afternoon.....there was this one article.  It was a woeful tale of a town....along the eastern side of the country....of roughly six-thousand people in the local region.

Their one and only doctor was coming up for retirement and they wanted to hire up a replacement.  So for over a year now.....they've searched for a doctor.  They've used a HR service and advertised far and wide.  So takers.

The deal?  $370,000 Aussie dollars a year.  Roughly $290,000 US dollars.  We aren't talking about a specialist or anything.....just a plain and regular doctor with a couple of years of experience.

The hindering to recruitment?  It's a rural area....far from any major city like Melbourne or Sydney.  When we say 6,000 residents.....that kinda includes the wider community....anyone within an hours drive.

The retiring doctor likely stays around another year or two, while they continue this search.  The sad thing is that you'd find yourself in a quiet community without a lot of normal things you'd expect to find in a big town like Brisbane.  The $370,000 would be taxed and you'd probably see a good quarter of it gone for taxes.  You'd think.....someone would want the quiet atmosphere.....low stress....and lack of urban life.

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