Sunday, 11 March 2018

"Maybe That Tracker Can't Count That High"

Someone last week was observing CNN on one of their anti-Trump chats, and viewed what had been a regular feature (almost daily in early 2017)....the jobs-created-tracker.

It's a simple graphics chart that they'd get routine updates from the government and it would show jobs created since day one of the Trump administration.

Up until 5 January, it was kept up to date (monthly updates).  So sixty days have passed, and.....nothing.  The chart still says on 5 January 2018....1,839,000 newly created jobs. 

It's a puzzling'd think that one single guy has three-hundred-odd facts to update for CNN on a monthly basis, and it's like he just went off on a vacation or just refuses to update the number.  I noticed someone even suggesting that the counter (tracker) maybe was built to only handle the number going up to 1,839,000 and there's no more that you can add to the number.

The Daily Caller, I noticed, even discussed the idea that CNN laid off the individual who was handling the jobs tracker.  Oddly, if true, this is one of the individuals who've actually lost their job at CNN because of lower viewer count (shocking, you know).  Daily Caller says fifty folks were lost in this recent period at CNN. 

The odds that the graphic will continue to be used?  Since they pointed this guess is that CNN is desperately trying to find the method to update the slide and by April....will correct this.  But this brings me to this odd conclusion.

CNN's whole view of constructed news since the summer of 2016 and the election period.....was to pump and hype political news a great deal...being the anti-Trump network.  At this point, almost two years into's actually harming their bottom line and creating a profit-problem.  By the end of 2018?  Another fifty to a hundred folks likely to be dismissed.  If Trump were around to 2024....what would be left at CNN?

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