Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Family Jails

Last year, I was sitting there and watching a German documentary.  It was an interesting 15-minute episode where 'Martin' (the German journalist) had gone off to Peru and was going into a local prison.

So the folks there have this interesting concept.  The judge sentences you to a year or three years of prison, and your family basically moves into the prison with you.  You get a little one room studio room, with the bare essentials, for you, your wife, and your kids.  The government gives them enough food to 'make things right'.

This 'Martin' guy goes around and talks to the wives and kids....trying to get some understanding of how this works.  The problem he saw....there's men there in the jail, for rape and violent assault.  So it doesn't make any sense to put the family into the middle of this jail business. 

Toward the last third of the documentary, 'Martin' is sitting there and discussing this terrible wrong with the jail-house boss.  And the manager of the jail can understand 'Martin's' feelings, but he always's better to keep the family together.  'Martin' later leaves the prison....feeling happy that he's out of the facility, and just wanders off with German frustration that you really can't fix this mess.

I sat last night looking at some CNN piece trying to explain the immigration episode and the evil Trump-camp atmosphere.  Basically, they were going to help create this mindset with Americans that it was a fine thing to have a family situation in a jail-camp deal, with dangerous people interacting with the kids but it was good for the family to stay together. 

I'm guessing in a year....this German journalist....'Martin'....will show up in Texas and try to find the logic in the way this works, and condemn the Democrat's solution as being pretty damn stupid. 

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