Friday, 1 May 2015

Greek Strawberries

When you walk around the streets of Athens, Greece....there are plenty of street dealers.

Most have gimmicks.   Some big talker out front.  Some gal in a skimpy blouse.

I came upon this one guy who had spent a fair amount of time that morning as he set up his stand.....organizing strawberries. It's the kind of image that you stand over and admire.

There's probably thirty minutes of effort put into this strawberry display.

How many does the guy sell per day?  Unknown.  Maybe the whole trailer is gone by close of business and he starts fresh in the morning.

Fresh?  That's the curious thing.....most all strawberries you come across in Greece are locally grown, and have a naturally great taste to them.  I've come to notice some of those you buy in Germany.....have a non-descriptive taste to them (like they were grown in some Dutch glass-garden warehouse operation).

An artist at work?  I have to say that I stood there for two or three minutes admiring the display and the effort of the guy.

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