Friday, 1 May 2015

Old Buildings

 No matter where you go in Athens, Greece.....there are old buildings standing there and almost ready to fall in.

This was one of those buildings....around the Karameikos Cemetary (tourist area of town).

The roof?  Yeah, it's already caved in.  Grass growing on the first floor?  Yep.

The odd thing is that it's on a fairly traveled street and you could tear down the structure and put up a bakery or coffee shop.

If a guy spent a week walking around, I'd take a guess that you'd see around 500 such structures in town like this.  Maybe it's a ownership issue or just a court thing where folks argue about who gets Uncle Joe's old rental property on such-and-such street.  I don't know.....maybe it's just the the way that things work there.

Worrying about something falling over?  Well.....they do put up a marginal catch-net and if it's just a stone or'd be ok.  I'm guessing they don't have big wind storms like you have in Germany or the US.

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