Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Vacancy Situation

There are three 'games' that likely will come out of this Supreme Court episode:

1.  I think the person selected will come from a state that has a serious Democratic versus GOP senator race going on, and will trigger an intense mess for the Democrat to defend his position. 

2.  The hearings probably won't start until the end of July, and I can't suggest a full-up vote occurring until the last week of August.  That means that McCain's chance to vote against the going to require him to be flown to DC.....pushed into the Senate chamber in a highly weakened state....and the news media won't be able to focus much positive on him as his career drifts out.  In other words, the last 'act' of the 'McCain-play' is a pretty sad state of affairs.  Might this force McCain to retire now, and give the Governor a chance to play into this?  I doubt it, I think McCain wants to hold the seat until his passing.

3.  Finally, the next two months are entirely about the court vacancy....NOT about the Trump-Russians business, Stormy, faken news, and the news folks are fairly screwed to tell any other story. 

Here, I might add one more slant....I don't believe that Kennedy is the last one for this period to announce retirement.  I think within four weeks....a second name will come up.  All of this really disturbs the marginal and limited Democratic political strategy for November. 

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