Friday, 15 June 2018

Wrestling in Dubai?

I noticed this in business news the other day....out of Saudi Arabia, and Dubai.....WWE wrestling has arrived.  In a shocker, they found that the locals literally fell all over themselves to get tickets.  There's a contract signed now, which indicates that WWE is there for a fairly long engagement (maybe to ten years).

What happened?

If you go to any North Carolina city that holds a WWE tend to find a large crowd showing up and hyped up for their 'favorite' characters.  As much as you might see it all as fake....people like this type of thrill, and I think the Middle-Eastern crowd is basically the same way.

Oh I agree....they have to realize it's all fake, but it ends up being a fun-filled evening and you see a collection of 'good' guys and 'bad' guys. 

Man, if only the 'Iron Sheik' were active and wrestling today.....he'd have a quarter-million fans in Dubai all pumped up. 

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