Monday, 30 June 2014

The Supreme Court Thing

Today's Hobby Lobby episode with the Supreme Court.....kinda reset the stage a bit.  Basically, the court said that you can't make a one-owner type company buy "X" type of healthcare that some guys in DC felt everyone needed.  In this case.....the company didn't mind the healthcare situation, but wasn't going to be forced into covering birth-control (a $22 a situation if you use Walgreens).

If the government wanted to get clearly into the mess....they should just hand out bulk distribution to every single American.  You show up at the Post Office.....say you got a need.....and the Post-Master would just issue out twenty-five condoms to you.  Go down to some county office and state a need.....and have that guy disperse out forty condoms to you.....all free of course.

In this case, I think the government got to some point where they felt they'd set the stage for just about anything to be part of the healthcare package, and just never thought the court would challenge them on this.

The hostility on this?  Kinda surprising.  I sat and watched five minutes of CNN trying to explain how was terribly unfair if you were working for Hobby Lobby and they won't pay for such-and-such coverage.  But then.....$22 a month at Walgreens for what a woman needs?  From what I saw in DC while living there.....folks spend $100 a month just on Starbucks coffee, so I don't see anything frustrating about $22 out of a person's pocket for birth control.

These employees who are angry?  Well....go find another some bar where they cover this, but they force you to hang around drunks for six hours every evening.  Or go work for McDonalds and flip burgers for a eight-hour shift.  Or go work for some truck-stop where guys come in and cuss non-stop for sixteen minutes while they stand there.  Everyone has something to whine about these days.....and this is just number 4,539,083 on the list of things to whine about.  Get a life.

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