Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Mob Political 'Subtractions'

In general, once you form up a mob to attend to some political activity, and get all hyped up that you can achieve your end-result by mob threats or mob mentality.....that's the point where your less-than-core members step back and walk away.

You can go and look over various events in history that go badly for mob 'staging'.  It looks great for a number of days.  People feel some thrilling achievement....mostly all fake in nature.  And there's some hope that the mob will fix things. 

In this case, I think the fall election (the mid-term) is now in danger for the Democrats.  People will view various mob accomplishments and ask questions.....then feel the necessity to step away from them and support the victim group.

Yes, the mob achievements are hurting the Democratic message.  I'm not even sure if the Democrats can say that the mob supports their strategy, or if the mob is reading off an entirely different script. 

The sad thing here is that it'll reach some stage where the mob members think there's real authority and commit some serious actions....requiring the cops and judges to step in.  Then some family will get a call that 'Barney' (their son) has been arrested and charged-up, with the potential of facing six years in prison for mob violence and achievements. 

The really sad thing is that as Barney goes off to prison....he can't even vote or help his cause, because of his stupidity. 

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