Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Crowley 'Fall'

If you picked up the news today from New York City.....Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat the current Democratic Congressman.....Joe the local Democratic primary.

Crowley?  He'd been a big-name in DC politics, and was figured to be one of the three people who'd replace Pelosi.

Ocasio-Cortez?  She's a 28-year-old local gal, who is basically known as a community organizer.  Yes, a community organizer. 

Big budget in this campaign?  No. 

Previous real experience?  Marginally....none.

She basically used public appearances and social media to accomplish the act.

Crowley?  He's finished.  He's 56 years old, and he will walk out of the House in January 2019....having spent roughly 20 years as a politician for the New York public.

So, what really happened here?  Some people talk about the front that Ocasio-Cortez used was in some form.....a Bernie Sanders front.  There were elements of socialism in the offerings.  But another element of this hype is that 27,000 total votes were between the two primary contenders.  In the 2016 election.....147,000 total Democratic votes.  In the 2014 election, roughly 67,000 total votes. 

It really didn't take that many votes to edge Crowley out in the primary.  Did Democrats just stay home?  My guess is yes.  Ocasio-Cortez found some core of voters to persuade in coming out, and Crowley just ran a pretty limited primary situation. 

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