Thursday, 5 July 2018

Snowflake 'Boot-Camp'

In a decade, I expect some psychological experts to gather and discuss at length the growing problem of weak-minded 'snowflake' behavior adults....reaching into the early to mid-30s, and unable to really make it in life.  I think the experts will eventually come to suggest that a 90-day boot-camp atmosphere is the only way to help these 'kids' recover.

The boot-camp?

Basically, you'd have to them in some rural setting, and get them up at 5 AM.  They'd have to be responsible for some farm-animals, and I would recommend a hearty breakfast around 7 AM with bacon (lot of it), some biscuits, gravy, and eggs over easy. 

Then I'd send them off to some general store atmosphere and force them to sit and listen to five guys talk about regular non-political things for three hours, but force the snowflake kid to just sit and listen....not to argue with folks.

Around lunch, I'd send over to bar-b-q shop, and offer up some Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.  In the afternoons, I'd find some cattle activity, or snake-pit, or maybe something slightly dangerous so that they didn't get all fearful of woeful things. 

Come early evening, I'd turn on the TV for an hour of Andy Griffith, then maybe an hour of Judge Judy. 

My guess is that around the 12th week, they'd get all this snowflake stuff out of their system, and you'd graduate them with a certificate. 

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