Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Beware of the Evil Russians

There is a piece off Yahoo News (I usually discount them entirely for value)....but the topic is mid-term elections, and the suggestion by an 'expert' (Barbara Simons) that Putin has the opportunity to launch an assault on the election, and create a massive mess.

How?  The basic idea is that so many states (five) have switched to an entirely paperless voting procedure....that you'd just hack in and flip the votes. 

Course, in this article, they mentioned that the Russians have probed the registration listings in various states, and know who is, or is not registered.

I see several problems here.

First, the Russians might be brilliant enough to have an actual voter's listing, and have a couple of agents in the US who go and find people registered in two states or people who are illegally in the US and registered to vote.  They could go and blackmail the people into voting for Trump-candidates.  Blackmail, as we a serious deal and these folks would open themselves up to Russian agents. (I know it's a joke, but play along).

Second, the Russians might have the right people to stand in and manipulate the voting numbers, and ensure a Trump win for various candidates.  (I know it's a joke, but play along).

So, what we need to fix the system.

First, a national ID card and a mandatory national folks wouldn't accidentally register in two states and get Russian blackmail situations. 

Second, establish a national minimum security situation. 

Third, dump the registration rolls, and start fresh.

The sad thing here is that the Democrats will have to fall on the ground and agree to these procedures, or the evil Russians will take over the country, as Republicans.  (I know it's silly, but play along).

Yes, all this fake fix what they could have fixed a decade ago. 

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